Prevention of AIDS


History of AIDS
What Caused the Epidemic to Spread so Fast
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Prevention of AIDS

Right now until we find a cure for AIDS there are only two ways that I know of for preventing the spread of AIDS.

1) You could not have sexual inter course at all. Also known as Celibacy(the state of being unmarried with abstinence from sexual activity).

But I know many people can't do that. So the other way is...

2)Use Protection: The use of Condoms could prevent the spread of AIDS f from one person to the next. Condoms are to be used not only to prevent a person from getting any type of STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) but also to prevent a female from having a baby. Some people don't like to use condoms but what they need to understand is that they are putting not only themselves but their partner at risk for diseases.

I believe that everyone should practice safe sex, not only do you not know who your partner is sleeping with behind your back you also don't know if she has any diseases either.